Yes, terrible things happen, but sometimes those terrible things-- They save you.

-- Chuck Palahniuk

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chapter Six. Birthdays Galore

(I apologize for the boringness of this chapter. :3 It was essentially just meant to be a filler chapter. Carry On.)

 Harlow and Honor aged into children.


Much to her dismay, a fire started right after the twins' birthday.

Aria has horrible luck apparently.

Honor helped out by cleaning up some of the ashes before she went to bed.

The next morning was the twins' first day of school. Harlow was extra nervous, but Dresden promised to keep the bullies away from her. He was such a sweet big brother.

Aria slept fretfully that night, knowing that her new baby would be there soon. She couldn't believe it would be her tenth!! And of course she awoke in a few hours in labor. Baby time! She made her way into the nursery to prepare for delivery.

And she welcomed two healthy, beautiful twin GIRLS.

Amaryllis Rapture. Baby number 10 :D

And Sparrow Rapture. Baby number 11.

Makeover time! Aria headed to the salon.

When she was done Aria headed home and fed the twins their bottles. and then she took them outside for their birthday party! 

They grew into gorgeous toddlers.
Sparrow <3

The girls loved their nursery, just like their sister before them. They were exhausted after the party. And were rudely interrupted by the repo woman.. Aria had totally spaced on her bills even though she had the money. But the twins were hungry of course so she rushed off to feed them.

The girls always did their homework without being told. Aria was one blessed momma!

Dresden and Amaryllis were really close. He even taught her to walk.

She decided to take trip to the local library.

And invited Travis to come... uh.. hang out. Needless to say they hit it off and he agreed to be in her challenge. 

"Just not tonight, babe." He said kissing her. " I just have a prior engagement, I'll be by soon."

Later on, Travis reappeared. 

"ready to do this?" he asked. 

Ohhh yes. She was.

Dresden cleaned the entire house while his mom caught up on some sleep. He knew his birthday was coming up and he would be moving out so he wanted to help out as much as possible before he left. When Aria woke up she went straight to the toilet.

'I know what this means..' She thought with glee.

Dresden Rapture, baby number 7, young adult.

Right after the birthday party Aria got a call from her OB. He confirmed her pregnancy. Baby number 12 was on its way.

Dresden told his mom goodbye and headed out to live on his own.

Aria went to sleep that night dreaming about the baby that was about to make its debut.

And come it did.

And later,  exited the hospital with her new little man, Otis Rapture.

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