Yes, terrible things happen, but sometimes those terrible things-- They save you.

-- Chuck Palahniuk

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Seven. A Couple Of Little Babies ;)

Aria headed home with baby Otis exhausted and starving. 

She loved little Otis. He was such a quiet baby and so sweet. 

She was putting him back in bed when she realised Travis was still there. 'Awkward..'She thought.

She went outside and approached Travis with caution. This hadn't gone well at times.

"Travis, Why are you still here?" Aria asked kindly.

He looked confused. "What do you mean? You just had my baby."

Aria bit her lip. "That's true but, Travis, this pregnancy was just part of the challenge. You can't just hang around. It will confuse the kids."

"YOU USED ME??" He shouted.

Aria shrugged. "I didn't even know you thought it meant anything."

Travis was pissed.

"Whatever Aria. You're nothing but a whore using a string of men for your own selfish amusement."

and then he stormed off.

Aria went to bed that night thinking of what Travis had said. She knew he was crazy, she loved her kids.

Aria headed over to meet her new neighbor. She had heard his mom was pretty famous in the challenge world.

When he answered the door she was stunned by how gorgeous he was.

"Hi-i, I'm Aria." She smiled at him.

"Hey, I'm Harry."

They hit it off. He was super smooth and she fell for him instantly. 

'Too bad he has to only be a challenge dad.' Aria thought sadly.

"So do you want to be a part of my challenge?" She asked him after explaining to him what it was all about.

"Sure, that sounds pretty awesome. My mom is doing one of those right now! I have a ton of siblings. You should meet her sometime. She's in town visiting me. Maybe you guys could meet up?" He gave her a small smile.

"That sounds awesome!" Aria said excitedly. "But hey, look, I gotta go. My littlest one is at home and I left his teenage sister in charge and she isn't the most responsible." 

Harry gave her a hug and Aria turned to go.

But Harry grabbed her arm and turned her around, kissing her.

'Jeez he is smooth.' Aria thought.

When she got home, Otis was in his crib screaming and starving.

'Oh Harlow.. You are going to get it..' Aria thought furiously.

She tracked her down in the kitchen.

"How dare you mistreat your brother like that!!" Aria screamed at her.

Harlow said nothing at first. But then..

"Well maybe his MOTHER shouldn't be out with random guys instead of being at home with her 5 children that are still currently in her house..."

Harlow snipped.

"EXCUSE ME?!! Go to your room, NOW. You are GROUNDED! Now GO!!"

Aria ran upstairs to bed, completely upset. She tossed and turned and eventually fell asleep. 

When she woke up, Aria went downstairs to find Harlow.

"I have been thinking about what you said and I really don't want you to think that I don't care about you." Aria hugged her. "You and your siblings are my reason for living. Just because there are a lot of you does NOT mean I don't care. I love you all with everything I have. And you can be ungrounded now."

Harlow didn't say anything. She just kissed her mom on the cheek and went off to school.

'I guess that means I am forgiven?' Aria thought...

Aria did the dishes, took a shower and then called Harry.

"Hey, can you meet me here and walk with me to your house?" She asked.

He sounded elated. "Of course, I will be right there."

As soon as he got there, he kissed her.

And as soon as they made it to his house they went straight to the shower....When they were done, Harry asked Aria to watch the stars with him.

"I hate to think that you and I can't be together." Harry said.

Aria looked to the side. "I know how you feel Harry. Maybe someday.. But right now isn't the right time in my life."

Harry looked sad. "I know. At least we have right now.." And he kissed her.

Otis was such a fast learner! He had his skills down in no time! She put him to bed, and brought out the genie lamp she had earned with her lifetime happiness points. It had seemed to work out so well last time. And she knew just what to wish for first.

I want a large family! 

"As you wish," The genie nodded and Aria lifted up into the air.

As the genie vanished into smoke, Aria gave Harry a call.
And when Harry arrived, they got right to it.

She fell asleep that night dreaming of Harry's babies.

"Mom. I need to talk to you." Amaryllis said quietly, pulling her aside.

"What is it sweetheart?" Aria asked, smiling.

"Well, mom. There's a lot of us. And this house is getting kind of cramped. Do you think we could move?" Aria sighed. "Amaryllis, we just moved in here when you were a baby.." 

Aria paused. "I'll think about it."

Amaryllis hugged her and smiled. "Thanks mom." and she bounded off.

While Aria was in the middle of cooking she got a call from her doctor, she was pregnant! With Harry's baby! She was ecstatic. With that discovery, Aria knew Amaryllis had a point. It was going to be wayy too little space for herself and six kiddos there. So she summoned her genie.

Wished for fortune and then she called and found her a house. 
When Aria was all moved in she called Harry. She had to tell him she was having his baby. When he got there, he was just as cute as ever. It broke Aria's heart to know that it soon had to end.

"So look.. Harry.. I have to tell you something."

He smiled at her, encouragingly.. "Yeah, what is it?"

"I'm pregnant. It's your baby."

Harry looked shell-shocked. He was silent . And then he touched her shoulder. "That's awesome. I can't wait to meet our baby."

Harry bent down and felt her tummy. 

"I swear I can feel something!" He laughed.

Aria smiled. "No way! I'm only like 14 weeks. That's crazy."

"I swear I did!" he said again. 

"Look Aria, give me a call when you head into the hospital. Maybe before if you're up for it. I gotta go." 

He gave her a hug and headed off.

And as Aria was leaving City Hall after suing for slander, she spotted all too familiar hair. It was Harry's mother, Ariana Little!

 "Ariana!" Aria shouted in surprise.

 She turned around, shocked to hear someone say her name.

"Hey, I'm Aria! Your son Harry told me you were in town." 

Ariana smiled at her
"Hi! Okay, so you're the one doing the challenge here in Riverview? It's so nice to meet you!" 

"I see you're working hard on your challenge!" She said, giggling and touching her tummy. 

Aria laughed. "Yeah I'm totally excited. This will be baby number 12! But there's something else I better tell you. This is your grandchild."

Ariana flipped.

"Oh my gosh are you serious!? That's Harry's baby in there? That's so awesome! I'm a grandma!"

Aria laughed. "Yeah, you are. I'll bring the baby by after he or she is here." She hugged her and headed home. 

They had instantly clicked.

Not too long after, Aria headed to the hospital. She came out hours later with two brand new baby girls. 

London Rapture.

And Blair Rapture.

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