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Thursday, December 20, 2012

17 Part One: Girl Time

Atlas, YA.

Knox, YA.

Arsen, YA

Baby Arcadia

Baby Asher <3

Aria sighed, not wanting to let go of Levi. He chuckled and removed herself from his grip.
"Don't worry, Ar. You'll have fun! You haven't seen my mom in forever! You guys have been planning this trip for MONTHS." 

He put a hand on her shoulder. "I'll still be here when you get back. I have to stay with the babies."

Aria sighed. Arcadia and Asher had just been born a few weeks ago, but her trip to Sunlit Tides with Danielle and Ariana had been planned before she was even pregnant with them. And at last minute Mila had decided she wanted to go too.

"I know I shouldn't worry, but I do! What if you find some beautiful, blonde bimbo while I'm gone and she puts you under her skanky spell?" 

Levi burst out laughing.
"Aria, that's silly. There's no one like you. You don't have anything to worry about." 

He wrapped her up in another kiss and then they parted ways.

Aria stood in front of the airport and took a deep breath. She wasn't sure how she felt about flying. Danielle, Ariana and Mila were waiting inside for her. She was excited about spending 2 weeks on a beautiful island but she was still nervous as hell about being a bajillion miles high in the sky.

Aria walked in the doors and saw the girls by the reception desk. She sighed and walked over to them. They looked like they were going to bounce through the roof in excitement.

'"ARIAAAA!!! Aren't you excited?? I LOVE flying! It's so relaxing." Ariana squealed, embracing her. 

Aria scoffed. Yeah, excited was TOTALLY the word she would use. But she said "Of course I am! I'm ecstatic."
Mila shot her a knowing look behind Ariana's back but Aria scowled at her.

"So, we should head over to security and stuff so we can head out! Sunlit Tides here we come!" Danielle bounded off, Ariana clinging tightly to her side.
Mila grinned at Aria. 

"I know you're scared. I have flown with you dozens of times to our grandparents house in Bridgeport. I know you're a baby when it comes to flying."
Aria stuck her tongue out at her. 

"I am NOT. Shut your piehole." Mila laughed and gave Aria a nudge. 

"Let's go then, Miss Brave. We have a flight to catch." Aria gulped and followed Danielle and Ariana's trail to the baggage check-in.
Aria stepped off the plane exhaling loudly. She sent a quick prayer upwards thanking God for the plane not crashing and her not dying.

'These girls better be glad i love them' She thought grumpily to herself.

When they pulled up to the Hotel and Aria got out of the Taxi she was stunned by how beautiful it was. 

"You sure you are okay with paying for this?" Aria asked Danielle.
Danielle looked at her like she was crazy. 

"It's fine, girl. I make bank." The girls all giggled and towed their bags inside to the reception desk.
"Check-in for Smores?"

Aria heard Danielle say to the receptionist. The girl gave her an odd look and checked the computer. She looked up and smiled at her. 

"4 of you, right?" Danielle nodded and the receptionist handed her a room key. "You've been bumped up to the presidential suite. They accidentally booked your original room. Enjoy."
"Are. You. Serious?!" Ariana squealed, jumping up and down. The other girls all headed to the elevator, extremely excited. 

"This room is going to be fluffing amazing." Mila stated.

The elevator opened into the room and the girls spilled out of it as quickly as possible. They all erupted into fits of random excited noises, eventually ending in a giant group hug.

"Thank you sooo much, Danielle." Aria said, plopping down into one of the beautiful overstuffed chairs. "I reeeaaalllyy needed to get out of Riverview. And Sunlit Tides is so beautiful."
Danielle smiled, sitting on the couch. "It's not a problem. I was originally booking us all our own rooms, but sharing a presidential suite is even better."
Ariana threw herself on a pile of pillows and sighed. "I am soooo happy to be here. I really truly am." 

Mila walked over to the window, staring out at the ocean. "Aren't we all?"
"And we're baby free! How often does that happen?" Danielle giggled, running over and putting her arm around Mila. 

"Well.." Aria said quietly. The girls all turned to look at her.
"No way!" Danielle said, her mouth gaping.
"You just had the A twins. You and Levi don't waste any time." Ariana said with a grin. 

Danielle threw a pillow at her. "Shut UP Ari. Thats really gross." They all laughed.
Aria and Ariana joined the other two girls at the window.

"I'm not even sure I am, honestly. I just know there is a chance." Danielle sighed. "We're all such baby making machines there is a chance we ALL could be." Aria smirked."True. I wanted to take a pregnancy test before we went out tonight just to make sure." She headed off to their gigantic bathroom.
Mila nodded assent. 

"That's a good idea. Because I am getting hammered." Ariana jumped up and down in excitement. "Oooooh BEACH PARTY!"
"And I get to join!" Aria shouted from the bathroom. She exited and bounded up to them. 

"I'm not pregnant." Danielle raised an eyebrow at her. "Are you okay with that?" Aria shrugged. "I'm fine. I can always get pregnant when I get back home. But for now, let's go have some fun!" 

They all squealed and scattered to get dressed up.

After hitting a couple of clubs, the girls changed into their bikinis and headed to a party down at the beach. 

"Ahhh I am soo excited, this is ridiculous." Ariana said, delighted. 

They were all at a table, sipping on drinks. .Danielle sighed and leaned back, draining the rest of her martini and setting the glass on the table. " I have an idea." She grinned at the three of them slyly.

"Uh oh. I don't know if I like that sound of that." Mila said hesitantly. 

Danielle laughed. "No, no silly. I was thinking truth or dare." 

Ariana perked up. "Ooooh yes! Bring it on! Me first!! Dare."

Danielle put a finger to her lips, thinking. And then an evil grin spread over her face. 

"Ari... I dare you to make out with the bartender." Ariana's head snapped over to the bar where a tall, beautiful girl with honey blonde hair stood making drinks. She looked at Danielle, raising an eyebrow.

 "That's a girl!" 

Danielle laughed. "So?? I DARED you."
Ariana sighed and stood up. She walked over to the girl, suddenly nervous.

"Hey, I'm Ariana. " 

The girl smiled leaning on the bar. "I kind of caught that earlier when you and your friends were ordering 500 drinks. You can call me Eli." 

She smirked. "Er, yeah, uh, I guess you would have."

 "So what's up? Why are you standing there all awkwardly? Is there something I can do for you?" Eli asked. 

Ariana bit her lip.

"Well, actually, I was wondering if you would, uhm, kiss me?" Ariana blurted out.

Eli burst out laughing. "Seriously? Don't you think that is kind of forward?"

Ariana shrugged. "It's a dare." 

Eli sighed and walked around the bar, standing next to Ariana.

 "Fine. But you owe me someday, remember that."

She grabbed Ariana's arm and pulled her close, kissing her.

She winked and nudged Ariana back toward her friends, waving.

Danielle, Aria and Mila all laughed at Ariana's blushing face as she slid back into her seat. 

"It's my turn now, by the way. And thanks for that Danielle." She said throwing the straw out of her drink at her.

"So I think I pick Mila. Truth or dare." 

Ariana smiled, waiting.

 "Well, There is no way I am picking truth after you did that on a dare. Let's see what you can throw at me." She winked at Ariana, who paused for a moment, contemplating. And then her face lit up.

"I dare you to flash that guy over there whose been staring at you." 

Mila snorted. "Piece of cake."

She walked over to the muscular guy sitting in the sand by the edge of the water. 

"Hey you." She said in a flirty voice. The guy looked up at her in suprise. 
"Yes?" He asked.
Mila pulled the top of her one-piece down for a fraction of a second, just long enough for the guy to get a peek. His face was priceless.

The girls erupted into laughter as Mila came back over to them, her cheeks red. They all got up from the table and made their way down to the edge of the water, the sun had set a while ago and it was beautiful. They all sprawled out on the sand, tipsy, and decided to finish their game.

Mila eyed Aria. "It is totally your turn."

Aria sighed. "Okay, hit me. Dare."

 Mila rubbed her hands together, grinning evilly. "I dare you to skinny dip in the ocean. In front of everyone." 

Aria's mouth dropped open. "I am SO going to pass."

Danielle stood up, taking off the top of her bathing suit. 

"I'm in." 

She threw them a grin and ran into the water, shedding what was left of suit as she went. The girls all giggled uncontrollably.
The night was coming to a close and they headed back to the hotel, exuberant. They climbed into the hot tub in their suite and spent the rest of the night just talking about life, their baby challenges, and the men they were in love with.

Eventually, they were exhausted and they all headed to their beds. As Aria was climbing into the giant pillowy bed with Mila she paused for a second. 

"Sis, theres something I need to tell you." Mila looked at her, puzzled. 

"What is it hon?" 

Aria looked away for a second.

 "Thank you for deciding to come along. It wouldn't be the same without you." Mila smiled. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Shut up saps! It's sleepy time!" Danielle shouted drunkenly from the next bed. 

Mila and Aria looked at each other and grinned, getting under the covers. "Tomorrow I'm daring her to strip. There's a club down by the beach." 

Aria snorted. She couldn't wait. ♥ 

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