Yes, terrible things happen, but sometimes those terrible things-- They save you.

-- Chuck Palahniuk

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ten- Family Love

Aria got a call from Phoenix's doctor. 

"I have great news!" He said, ecstatic.

"Phoenix is ready to move into a normal crib! All of tests came back 100% okay. He's perfectly healthy and his immunity is great!"

Aria squealed. "That's wonderful! I will move him right now!" 

She said, hanging up.

She picked Phoenix up out of his incubator and immediately sold it. She could feel a massive amount of stress lifted off of her chest.

As she put Phoenix in the nursery she felt her heart swell with happiness. She was so glad that they made it through this.

After Phoenix fell asleep Aria went downstairs to catch up on some chores. Especially laundry. It was ridiculous.

All she seemed to think about lately was Harry. She was determined to keep her mind off of him.

Otis Rapture- teen.

Aria and London had been reading the entire Harry Potter series. She loved it. They were currently on the Goblet of Fire. They finished their current chapter and Aria went off to sleep.

Almost as soon as her head hit the pillow, she woke up in labor. She headed to the nursery to give birth.

And she had twins! Baby Locke was born first.

Followed by Little River.

Aria headed to bed, exhausted. She couldn't believe she had just given birth to her 16th and 17th children. It was insane. And they were Harry's... Again. She tried not to think about that, though. She was trying to kick that little voice out of her head. She had a challenge to do.

Locke Rapture- toddler.

River Rapture- toddler.

Aria and Harry make gorgeous babies.

The next day, Aria decided to head over to the new neighbors house and welcome them in. She was hoping for someone new to distract her from her thoughts of Harry and all of that...

And she wasn't disappointed. The first guy to answer the door was mind-blowingly gorgeous.

"Hey i'm Jaems, you must be Aria. My roommate can't stop talking about you. " He said with a smile, ushering her in.

Aria was a little confused but flattered nontheless.

As she entered into the living room, she spotted a familiar, handsome face.
"Levi!" She said in surprise, rushing over to him. 

"Hey Aria!" he said, grinning. "My mom said you needed some help with your challenge, so here I am." He informed her with a wink.

She laughed. He was Danielle's son. And Oh man, was he gorgeous.

"That's awesome!" She said, smiling. "I am waiting for a little more room in my house and then I am definitely interested." 

Levi sure was excited. 

"So are you just in Riverview to take part in my challenge?" Aria asked quizzically. Levi shrugged. 

"I guess so. I bought this house with a few of my friends. I guess it's sort of like a vacation house for us. But I plan on sticking around for a bit." 

"Well, that's awesome. I hope to see you around for sure." She said.

"Hey there's another of my roommates now, I'm sure he would like to be a challenge dad too, he loves kids! Hey Corbin, come meet my friend!" He shouted.

'Oh Llama.. All of these guys in this house are beyond attractive.' she thought to herself. 
She explained her challenge to Corbin.

"And eventually I would like to get married. But I am waiting until i'm done with all 100 babies of course." Aria finished excitedly.

Corbin raised an eyebrow. "100... babies.. Really?" He asked.

Aria's face fell. "Yeah. 100. I know it's kind of crazy.." She paused.

Corbin laughed. "Yeah. Just a LITTLE." He said goodbye and rushed off to continue what he had been doing.

"I don't think he is as interested as you are." Aria said, downtrodden.

"That's fine," Levi said, comfortingly. "You don't need him just yet." 

Aria caught the flirty tone in his voice. She pecked him on the cheek and headed home to check on the toddlers.

Otis helped out a lot with the toddlers. He taught Locke how to walk. 
And he was always reading to River.

Phoenix Rapture- child.

London Rapture- teen.

Blair Rapture- teen.

And finally as the sun was going down, it was Otis' turn. He would be aging up and moving on.

Distraught, Blair slept with her mom that night. She and Otis had been close.

{Blair And London <3}

She had been invited to Amaryllis' house for a party that night, so she headed out. Amaryllis' place was gorgeous! 

While there she also saw a bunch of her other babies too! 
Goku and Xailee 
And Dresden 

She pulled Amaryllis aside to talk to her for a while. 

"I just had twins not too long ago. You have another little sister!"

Amaryllis smiled. "That's awesome. You have had a LOT of girls mom."

Aria nodded. "I know, I could use a couple more boys. But I love having a ton of daughters."

Amaryllis laughed. "I know, I heard London and Blair are teens now! I bet they are going to be a handful." She gave her mom a hug, and Aria headed off. She had gotten a call from the baby sitter, Locke had been a holy terror.

On her way out she noticed Sparrow all alone. She seemed to be avoiding her mother. Aria wondered why...

When Aria went upstairs to the nursery, Locke was passed out on the floor. It looked like he had for sure given the babysitter a hard time. His eyes were pink and puffy. Aria scooped him up and put him in his crib.

As she went upstairs to bed she thought about all the fires she had had. And felt very lucky it had been a while since the last one.

'I wonder what is wrong with Sparrow...' she thought as she became submersed in dreams.

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