Yes, terrible things happen, but sometimes those terrible things-- They save you.

-- Chuck Palahniuk

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chapter Five: Unexpected Father

Having twins wasnt something Aria remembered very well. It had been a LONG time since Armani and Gemma were babies. It felt like she was doing it for the first time all over again. The twins always had the same needs at the same time. Thank God the triplets were still around to help out as much as possible.

Aria felt like she was changing diapers and breastfeeding every five minutes. At least the snuggles were worth it.

Honor and Harlow.

As the birthday party was wrapping up, a fire sprung up in the kitchen! Cohen and Xailee helped the firefighters out while Bentley freaked out in the corner. The damage was done though. 3,000 to replace.

Honor and Harlow were very demanding toddlers, everyone in the household was very exhausted taking care of them. Honor was particularly difficult. Aria kissed her and changed her diaper and went off to the kitchen to make some dinner.

She woke up in the middle of the night to some very bad news.

"Hello, Miss Rapture?" said a sad-sounding males voice.

"Yes, this is her." Aria replied.

"I have some very sad news for you." the voice responded.

"Go on." Aria said hesitantly.

"Your grandmother, Cecilia, has passed away a couple hours ago."

Aria became very still. They hadn't been very close but her grandma was still her grandma.

"I'm so sorry for your loss." The man went on since Aria hadn't said anything.

"And in her will she left you 33,600$" Aria's eyes lit up. For not being close that was a TON of money!

"Thank you for letting me know." She said, hanging up.

She decided to use the money to move after the triplets upcoming birthday.

Meanwhile, Xai headed out to the salon to get a dress for prom. Bentley and Cohen caught the limo to prom. But Xai was late leaving the salon and had to catch a taxi. 

Aria went to sleep that night anxiously awaiting the triplets birthday party the next afternoon. She was sad to know they were leaving her house and moving out on their own. 

Bentley Rapture- YA 
Baby number 4

Cohen Rapture- YA
Baby Number 5

Xailee Rapture- YA
Baby number 6.

"I love you momma." Bentley said as he exited the house and went off. "Good luck on your challenge!" Cohen said as he exited too.

Aria was heartbroken to see her triplets go, but she was ready to get out of this house. She called up her realtor.

The babies loved their new nursey. They slept soundly right away. But of course her peace didnt last long. Remember the demanding twins? They were just so stinking cute when they played though. It melted Aria's heart.

But she had been pretty stir crazy lately. She called up her babysitter and headed over to the Mcdermott's house. She arrived at thier house, fully expecting to see Travis.

But she bumped into his brother Maximus. And you know where these things go.

Allll the way to backstage at the movie theater. But try as they might, Aria heard no pretty music confirming conception. As sad as she was, she was still pretty proud of herself. Maximus was gorgeous.

But she ended up puking. 'What..' she thought. 'There were no signs of a baby....' That night, Aria went to bed feeling uneasy. 'That birthday cake must have been TOO old.' Deciding she was right, she drifted into sleep.


She grilled some tofu dogs to celebrate Dresden's birthday. But they didn't agree with her stomach. After that, she decided to take a pregnancy test JUUUSSTT to make sure. And yes, baby number 10 was on the way. Aria smiled to herself. 'My first vampire baby...' She thought.


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