Yes, terrible things happen, but sometimes those terrible things-- They save you.

-- Chuck Palahniuk

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chapter One: A New Beginning for Aria.

Aria Rapture is a sweet girl from Hidden Springs who moved to Riverview to start a new life and a new family... Her past wasnt something she was proud of, but she was ready to escape it and make a new name for herself. 

Traits: Charismatic

Family Oriented


Hopeless Romantic


Sign: Gemini

Aria found this house in sleepy little Riverview and fell in love with it instantly. So she bought it.

Aria first decided to go to the pool, she was dying to go swimming.

While she was there she met Buck Broke and beat him at a breath holding contest. 

"Haha, loser!" She laughed and splashed him.

She also met his son, Trigger. And beat him too. 

"Gosh, you both suck at this" Aria giggled

When she got up the next morning, she tried to call Trigger. He blew her off.

Annoyed, Aria decided to paint. It wasn't too impressive..

After she sold her painting, Aria decided to go to the park where she met Don Lothario. He rejected her at first. But eventually he warmed up.

"I think you're so cute though!" Aria flirted.

"You're not so bad yourself" Don laughed

They ended up getting nice and cozy under the stars together.

When she awoke she called up Don. She wanted to know where this could go..

The next morning, when she woke up, she finished her waffles and instantly ran to the bathroom to puke... She couldn't be... Could she? She decided if she was, Don was NOT the guy she wanted to be her forever. She asked him if they could just be friends. He was fine with it because he has commitment issues anyway.

Soon, she got the news she was pregnant.

Not long after, it was go time!

Deciding on a home, drug-free birth, Aria made her way to the nursery.

And welcomed a healthy, beautiful baby boy.

Goku Rapture :) Baby number One.

Aria loved motherhood. The first few days with Newborn Goku were crazy! Aria never got any sleep. The crying grew almost unbearable. She was almost about to give up on wanting more children. 

But soon enough, he aged up into a toddler. That was a little better.

Finally, once again, It was Goku's birthday!! But tragedy struck.

Aria called the fire department.. But it was too late. Her entire kitchen was in flames!

The damage was done. Aria was granted 217$ from insurance, but the replacement cost her 680$. She couldn't cover it all and had to sell a chair. She finally fixed her kitchen and even re-bought Goku's birthday cake. And he aged up into a child.

Aria went for a walk to the cemetery where she met Dallas Shallow.

"My God, you're gorgeous." Dallas said, putting a lock of Aria's hair behind her ear.

"Aww, what? Thank you." Aria blushed.

Aria made a call to Dallas and had a looong talk.

"We should get together soon," Aria said coyly.

"I could be down with that." Aria could hear the smile in Dallas' voice.

That same night, Goku became a teen.

 Feeling depressed about her first born growing up so fast, she called Dallas.

"I could really use some company." She told him with sadness in her voice.

"Say no more, doll. I am on my way." She hung up.

Things led to other things and they ended up in the shower.

Over the next couple of days Aria kept throwing up.'There's only one thing it can be..' she thought. And yes, she found out she was pregnant! Baby number 2 was on the way.

And not long after, babies two and three made their appearance.
Twin girls, Gemma and Armani.

Gemma Rapture - Baby number three.

Armani Rapture - Baby number two.


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