Yes, terrible things happen, but sometimes those terrible things-- They save you.

-- Chuck Palahniuk

Friday, October 12, 2012

Chapter Two: Three Triplets and Three Wishes

After using the lifetime happiness to buy a dusty old lamp, something had told her she needed to, she figured out it was a GENIE lamp. Aria summoned the genie for her first wish. 

"What is your first wish, master?"

"Well I have thought long and hard about this and I seriously have a LOT of trouble making ends meet. I wish for Fortune."

"Very well," Said the genie. "Wish Granted."

The genie clapped her hands and floated up towards the ceiling.
All of a sudden, Aria started to float too.

"What the.." She started. She felt a tingly feeling start at her toes and work towards her head.

And 100,000 dollars was added to her bank account.

"Thank you so SO much." She told the genie.

"You're welcome master, I must rest now before you can make your second wish."

Aria instantly called her bank and sold her house. She then called her realtor and bought a new one.

91,000+ dollars later, Aria bought this beauty. 

'This house would be perfect to raise my large family in.' She thought.

Gemma as a child 

 Armani as a child

Aria loved working out at the gym. She needed to shed a couple of extra pounds she still had left over from her pregnancy with the twins.

As she was leaving, she bumped into Hal Breckenridge.

"Hey, I'm Aria." She said with a flirty smile.

"I'm Hal," He said, shaking her hand. "You're pretty cute, did you know that?"

"Well, thank you!" She blushed.

"We should hang out sometime." He said with a wink. And then he left.

 Later,  she made a call to Hal.

"You said you wanted to hang out, how's now?"

Aria said devilishly.

"I'm on my way!" Hal quickly hung up.

While Aria was waiting, she had an idea. She summoned her Genie.

"So i have been thinking about my second wish and I have decided!"
The genie nodded. 

" I wish for a large family!" Aria said with a smile.

"Your wish is my comand." Said the genie as she rose up into the air.

Aria giggled as the tingly feeling once again appeared in her body. This time in her tummy. As she descended to the floor she heard the doorbell. 

"oooh!" She squealed and ran to get it.

And she kissed him right away.

"Nice to see you too." He said as he kissed her again.

And in the shower they went.

The next morning she threw up everywhere!

'I know what this means..' Aria thought with a smile.

And yes, she was pregnant. Baby number 4 is on the way!!

Meanwhile, while Aria was busy with the new pregnancy, Goku aged up and moved out on his own. It was bittersweet to see her first baby as a young adult.

Ready to make her final wish, she summoned her genie.

"I wish for a long life."

"Very well." the genie granted her wish and disappeared.

Aria was VERY happy with the three wishes she had made.

Right after she celebrated the twins' birthdays, Aria went into labor.

"I almost forgot how much this hurt!!" She cried. She made her way to the nursery to prepare for the birth.

And she had three gorgeous, healthy TRIPLETS

The first, a baby boy she named Bentley.

Bentley Rapture - Baby number 4.

The second was another boy. She named him Cohen.

Cohen Rapture - Baby number five.

The last baby was a girl. She named her Xailee. 

Xailee Rapture - Baby number six.

Having triplets was INSANE. Aria had lots of help from the twins though, thank God. Many more sleepless nights followed until FINALLYYYY...

The triplets aged up!

Bentley, Cohen and Xailee as toddlers <3

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