Yes, terrible things happen, but sometimes those terrible things-- They save you.

-- Chuck Palahniuk

Friday, October 12, 2012

Chapter Three: Aria's Decision

After the triplets party, Aria took a painting to Goku for some extra money. 

"Mom.. I have something to tell you."

"What is it hon?" Aria asked with a smile.

"I.. dont know how to tell you this.. but I am in love with Gemma.."

Aria's mouth dropped open. She was speechless. This was the most disgusting thing she had ever heard.. Two of her children had fallen in love with each other.

"I want you to stay away from her. And stay away from my house!" Aria turned and ran away.

When she got home, she taught Cohen to talk. she needed time to think and time teaching the triplets was better than anything. 'What am I going to do..' She kept thinking. After their busy day of learning, all three babies were finally sleeping at once. Aria couldn't believe it.

It didn't last long though. Bentley was up and screaming. AND screaming. He was a very needy boy. Finally, all three babies slept once more. Aria snuck into her bedroom and crawled under the covers. 

The next morning Aria felt great! She prepared some breakfast.

"Gemma, we need to talk!" She called over the noise of the food processor.

Gemma didn't respond, she gave Xailee her bottle and rushed off to school. 
Aria groaned. She would try again when they got home from school. They had to deal with this.

When she finished teaching the triplets some skills it was almost time for the girls to be home from school. She made some coffee and prepared for the talk she was about to have with Gemma.

Gemma went straight to the boys' room to use the computer but Aria stopped her before she could start.

"We need to talk Gemma."

"What is it mom?" Gemma wouldn't look at her.

"I know about you and Goku. You're making a terrible mistake. He's your brother!! That's disgusting."

Gemmas face turned bright red. "He's just my half brother! It doesn't feel that way. It doesn't feel wrong!"


Gemma's face went blank.

"Don't worry mother I won't be here much longer. I'm about to be a young adult and then I'm moving in with Goku. You can't stop me."

Aria was furious. "Well you can be a skank when you are not under my roof. You two are not to see each other as long as you live here."

Aria stormed away.

Aria went into the nursery and picked up Xailee. She decided to distract herself by teaching her how to talk. But halfway through, she became exhausted and went off to bed. The twins decided to help out. Armani taught Bentley and Gemma taught Xailee.

At the salon she ran into Tucker Broke. And Bob Newbie.
Bob seriously caught her attention.

"Hey there stranger. I'm Aria."

"That's a beautiful name, I'm Bob." He said with a smile.

"Well you know, I'm available anytime you wanna hang out. I thought you might like these."

 She gave him some red roses. 

"Doesn't the guy typically do this?" Bob asked slyly.

Aria grinned. "Well I'm anything but typical."

She pecked his cheek and headed home.

She made some sushi when she got home. It was her first try and it was amazing. Gemma finished up teaching Cohen how to walk right before the triplet's birthday party.

Bentley, Cohen and Xailee are children.

The next morning was the first day of school for the triplets. Aria was unbeliveably proud.

Aria gave Bob a call. "Is it ok if I come by?"

"Sure... But Aria.. I need to tell you something.. I'm not sure about all of this.." He sounded ashamed of himself.

Aria thought for a second.

"It's ok, hon. No strings attached." Bob coughed a little. 

"Alright come on over."

Aria went by Bobs house, but nothing much happened. It got too late and she became tired. 

"I am just not comfortable with this Aria."

She felt majorly rejected. Then she got a call. It was Armani. There was a fire at home! Aria called the firefighters and rushed straight there.

Armani Rapture- YA Baby #2

It was the twins' birthdays. She's finally a young adult and her and Gemma are moving out and moving in with Goku.. Much to Aria's dismay..

Gemma Rapture - YA Baby #3

Aria tried and tried to get Bob to like her. After many unsuccessful attempts, she finally got his attention.

"I can be anything you need, Mr. Newbie. Just say the word." She purred in his ear.

"Okay.." he said, weak at last. And then... well you know.

He even ended up staying the night. Which freaked Aria out quite a bit. She wasnt ready to settle down yet! Especially not with Bob Newbie... 

But in the middle of it she felt very, very sick. And rushed to the bathroom. 'AGAAIN!!' She thought. And then she got an idea.

'Why don't I make this a challenge.. Why don't I see if I can have 100 babies with as many different fathers as possible and marry the man that captures my heart in the end... I bet more guys would be likely to do that than actually be in a relationship. I'll consider it a challenge, a 100 baby challenge, like the ones others have taken on before.." 

And so it was set in stone. This was her new goal.

She met Bob in the girls' room.

"I'm sorry Bob, we can't be together. I have a new purpose in life and i can't fall for anyone right now." 

She told him sadly. Bob was furious. 

"Whatever slut. You have got some major issues..." He turned and ran out of the house.

Right after Bob left, Aria ran to the bathroom. 

"There's only one thing this can be..." And she was right, the doctor confirmed. She was expecting baby Rapture number 7.


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