Yes, terrible things happen, but sometimes those terrible things-- They save you.

-- Chuck Palahniuk

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

27- Fix You

(Birthday's first ahah, who would've guessed ;) )

Lawson, child.

Anastaisia, child.

Reece Rapture

Zephyr Rapture

Chyler and Kingston Rapture.

Lawson, teen.

Anastaisia, teen.

Aria entered the building, heading towards the waiting room. She gave the woman at the computer her information and looked at the clock. She still had 20 minutes. She had told Levi they were going to be way too early, but of course he didn't listen. He never did. She sat on a seat one chair away from a boy dressed in black with sandy brown hair. He didn't look up at her as she took her seat. The only sound in the room was the receptionist's clicking on her keyboard. She looked over at the boy, who was just staring at the wall opposite of them.

"You don't look like you want to be here."

 The boy looked  at her, his eyes sad. They were the most remarkable eyes Aria had ever seen. She was completely caught off guard. 

He looked away quickly. 

"I don't." 

Aria sighed, slumping against the back of her seat, arms crossed. 

"I don't either. I was forced to be here by my fiance."

 The guy leaned back against the seat, smiling a little. 

"I was forced too." 

She glanced over at him. 

"You don't look crazy." 

He smirked. 

"Neither do you, but you're still here."

 Aria couldn't help but smile. 

"Yeah, i'm not crazy. I did some crazy things, but I'm not insane. I'm just.." 

She looked at the floor. 


He sighed.

 "I am too." 

They were quiet as the minutes ticked by. 

"What's your name?" 

She looked up at him. 

He handed her a piece of paper as one of the doors in the office opened. 

"I'm Bluejay. Call me sometime. We can be sad together." 

She looked down at the paper as the door shut behind him. He had written his name and number in black eyeliner. 

She smiled, putting the number in her phone. And then for some reason, she folded the paper up and put it in her pocket anyway.

A few minutes later the door to the office next to that one opened and a woman with bright pink hair stepped out. Interesting. This is the person I am supposed to tell all of my secrets to? Aria thought with a sigh, following her inside.


Lilac held the door open for Aria and she exited 90 minutes later. Not much had been talked about but Aria felt a little lighter. Maybe this therapy thing wouldn't be so bad. She walked over to the desk and made her next appointment with a bit less of a heavy heart. When she turned around, she was startled to see Bluejay, sitting in a chair, looking at her. 

Aria shifted her weight nervously, biting her lip. 

"Are you like, stalking me or something?" 

He laughed quietly. 

"I could be. But If you saw me, I wouldn't be a very good stalker now would I?" 

She grinned shyly. 

"No, I guess you wouldn't be. But shouldn't you be gone already? Your appointment was before mine." 

He nodded and stood, walking over to her.

"You looked like you could use a friend, so I stayed behind."

 Aria raised an eyebrow. Levi was supposed to be here any time, but this guy had immediately caught her interest... 

"I.. need to tell my fiance. Give me a minute."

She and Levi had done nothing but fight lately. She had just twins with him, babies 57 and 58 (Twin girls, Avalon and Everleigh), and as soon as she had given birth the fighting returned. He acted like he hated her. He was overprotective, overbearing and a complete ass most days. She hesitated, pulling out her phone. Then she sent him a text that a friend would bring her home later, shutting her phone off. The onslaught of responses were due to start at any moment.

"Let's go," She said, slipping her phone in her pocket.

 Bluejay smiled, and walked to the door, Aria following behind. 

It was freezing outside, their breath turning into fog as it hit the icy air. And for some reason Bluejay wanted to go the park. And he wanted to walk. Whatever, Aria wanted to get away. That was one place Levi wouldn't expect her to be. 

They were quiet as they walked, the silence stretching out ahead of them. 

Eventually, Bluejay broke it. 

"So I'm guessing your fiance' isn't the nicest guy?" Aria huffed. 

"I didn't say that. He just.. worries about me. So he wants to know where I am." Bluejay raised an eyebrow. 

"Sounds more like he keeps tabs on you because he doesnt trust you." 

Aria knew he was right, but didn't she say anything. She was trying to work things out, but they were sliding steadily downhill.

They came to the park, which was consequently a playground, and Aria laughed a little. She hadn't been there in a long time. It was only a block away from the office.

He took a seat on a swing and Aria sat next to him, smirking. 

"You're gonna swing? Are you like 7 or something?" 

He seemed slightly amused. 


Aria instantly felt uncomfortable. 

"Jeez, I'm so much older than you. I'm 22." 

Bluejay shook his head.

"That's not that much older. 5 years is nothing. I feel like I'm much older than I am." 

Aria stared off into the distance, nodding assent. 

"I feel the same. I've been through so much in my life. I might as well be 90."

Bluejay reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one, his breath making hazy shapes in the icy air. Aria smiled, watching him. 

"You aren't even old enough to do that." 

He shrugged, pulling one out and handing it to her. She hesitated a fraction of a second before taking it. She sighed, inhaling and exhaling, her nerves calming almost instantly. It had been years since she had smoked. 

In fact, she had been Bluejay's age, and it was with someone a little older than she was now. She felt odd remembering, not that it would ever matter again. Hidden Springs and that part of her life was far behind her now.

"What are you thinking about?"

 Bluejay asked, bringing her out of her thoughts. She shrugged, taking another drag and blowing the smoke into circles in front of her. 

"Just the past. Things that aren't important." 

He nodded, kicking the snow on the ground in front of his swing. 

"Well, if you ever want to talk about it, I'll listen. It doesn't seem like your boyfriend does much of that."

Aria was quiet, finishing the cigarette and tossing it into the snow, where it sizzled out. 

"It's not that he doesn't listen, it's that when he does, he doesn't hear me."

 Bluejay stared at her, and then he looked away. 

"I know exactly what you're saying." 

An orange SUV pulled up, the drivers side door opening and slamming. Great, Aria thought, standing up. Levi looked pissed. "I've been looking everywhere for you! Where is your phone?" He demanded. She pulled it out of her pocket and waved it slightly. 
"It's right here, I'm sorry. It must have died." She lied, quickly slipping it back into her jacket. 

Levi crossed over to them, stopping in his tracks when he noticed Bluejay. "So this is your 'friend' you've been with?" Aria nodded, looking over at him sadly. 

Bluejay stood up, shrugging.

"Hey, I'm not trying to start anything. I just met Aria. I wanted to be friends. I'm not trying to fuck with your territory or whatever." Levi crossed his arms over his chest and Aria bit her lip, looking at the ground. Bluejay sighed, starting to walk away, and then he turned around. "But a word of advice," Levi looked at him, raising an eyebrow. "You keep treating her this way and you're going to lose her." 

With that, he was gone before Levi could respond.

"Who is he?" Levi asked sharply. Aria sighed, trudging through the snow towards his car. 

Yay for the third degree. 

"His name is Bluejay. I met him at therapy. " Levi smirked. 

"What the fuck kind of name is that?" Aria shrugged. 

"I actually kind of like it." 

She looked over her shoulder at Bluejay's receding figure, thankful she had gotten his number when she did. She opened the door and climbed inside, Levi grimacing as she did. 

"You smell like an ashtray." Aria sighed, shutting the door. 

"Yeah, yeah."

Aria turned on the fireplace and sat close to it. The living room was freezing, and Levi was at work like he always was lately. Every baby in the house was sleeping and it was getting late. She was so lonely all the time. Levi picked up as many extra hours as he could so they wouldn't fight constantly. Every extra  second that they had, however, that is exactly what they did. Over everything.

She sat close to the fire, pulling out her cell phone. She had a few texts from Danielle, the bliss she was in was ridiculous. She hadn't even had the heart to tell her that everything with her son was falling apart. Something told her that she shouldn't marry Levi, but she was determined. She LOVED him, flaws and all.

She texted Danielle back, another plan for her wedding with Chase blossoming in her mind. As she hit send, the doorbell rang. She looked out the peephole when she reached it and was both excited and hesitant at the same time. She swung it open and ran into Carter's arms. He looked surprised as he hugged her back, looking down into her eyes. 

"Are you drunk or something?" He asked, laughing. Aria shook her head. 

"No, I've just been alone so much lately. It's nice to see a friendly face. Come inside." Carter looked at her, amused, and brushed past her into the living room. 

"Where's your future husband?" He asked, walking over and taking a seat on the couch. Aria followed him, smiling. He still wasn't happy about it, probably never would be.
"He's at work," She answered, sitting next to him.

 Carter looked shocked. "Is that all he ever does? I'm a cop and I don't work as much as him." Aria looked away, shrugging. 

"Yeah well, with the wedding coming up, and I'm helping pay for Danielle's honeymoon and with ANOTHER baby on the way-" 

Carter groaned. "You're pregnant right now?" 

Aria nodded "I just found out this morning." Carter looked at her stomach and she covered it with her hand, embarrassed... somewhat. 

"How many babies is that now?" Aria looked down. "59." Carter looked away, at the fire still crackling. "Over halfway huh? Not that long and you'll be done." He trailed off, his tone blank and then he looked back at her. "Is Levi giving you 41 babies?" He seemed amused. She picked at a loose thread on the pillow behind her. 

"That's the plan."

They were quiet for a while, music tinkling in from the twins' rooms, Anastaisia couldn't sleep without it. "So when is the wedding?" He finally asked. His voice was distant. "When I'm finished. I told you, I'm not getting married until It's over." Carter looked at her, surprised. "I didn't know that still applied." She nodded slowly. "That's been the deal from the beginning." He shrugged. "Yeah, I know. I thought this Smores kid changed that. " He looked away as Aria slowly shook her head. 

"Nope. I know what my goals are and I expect to meet them."

They heard the door open behind them and both turned to look at Levi as he entered. He narrowed his eyes at Carter when he saw him and Aria quickly got up, rushing over to give him a kiss hello. He put a hand on her chest, stopping her. "Why is he here?" He growled in her ear. 

Aria was taken aback. 

"He.. He's my best friend L. Chill." Levi smirked, 

"Your best friend that's in love with you." He said it pretty loudly, and Carter's ears perked up and he chuckled quietly, standing and walking closer. 

"I'm not in love with Aria, Levi. Get your facts straight. I'm her best friend. I have also known her since she wore diapers. And if you want her, you're going to have to deal with me."

Levi huffed, pushing Aria to the side slightly and heading for the stairs. "When I come back down, he better be gone." Levi ascended and Aria turned to Carter, her eyes sad. 
"Why do you put up with that shit?" He asked after Levi had disappeared. 

He came over to her. "You deserve so much better." Aria watched the snow fall outside, not meeting Carter's eye. "I hurt him, it's hard to just get over something like that." Carter clenched his fists and released them. 

"It seriously makes me sick. He's not worth it. You're not happy." Aria shook her head quickly. "I am happy!" She didn't convince him, but he nodded. "Okay, Aria. Okay. I'm just gonna go. I'll text you later. I don't want to get you in trouble." He said the last word like it was poisonous. He glanced at the staircase, and then back at her, an idea crossing his mind. 

"You know, you could come with me. Get away from here for a while." 

Aria's eyes widened. She hesitated, thinking it over. 

"I don't know if that's such a good idea.." She said, knowing Levi would freak and she just didn't want to deal with it. "I don't think so, Carter. I'm sorry." He looked disappointed, pulling his keys out of his pocket. "Are you sure?" He dangled the keys in her face. 
She stared at them, almost considering it, when she heard Levi's footsteps on the stairs.

He descended, walking over to them.

 "Glad YOU'RE still here." He spat at Carter, taking Aria's hand. Carter groaned, putting his head in his hands. "I'm fucking leaving, okay." He turned to exit, but as he did, a knock resounded from the other side of the door. 

They all looked at each other. 

"Who now?"

Carter opened it, his eyes widening. He stepped aside, revealing a girl around Aria's age with streaks in her hair the exact same color of pink as Aria's. She looked at Carter, confused and then her eyes fell on Aria and she grinned. 

"Aria Rapture?" She said, her voice soft and sweet. 

Aria nodded.

"I'm your sister, Rene."

Dead silence.

[Authors notes:

The guy in the beginning of this chapter, Bluejay, (Who you will actually be seeing quite a bit more of <3 ) Is from my best friend Anna's Legacy, This Little Bluebird. If you haven't read it yet, you totally should!

You can find it here

Thank you so much Annnaaaa <3 



  1. omg! I just started reading your story today, or actually yesterday since it is now almost 2am, and it is absolutely amazing! When I saw Bluejay I just about DIED. He is so adorable! I love This Little Bluebird!!! :D

    1. AWWW Thank you!!! I'm glad you like it!!! You're wayy too sweet!