Yes, terrible things happen, but sometimes those terrible things-- They save you.

-- Chuck Palahniuk

Thursday, July 11, 2013

One Year....

One year.

Wow. Where has the time went? It seems like it wasn't long ago at all that I started a game with the crazy hope of naming a hundred babies. Haha yeah, that's why I started this. To name 100 babies. 
Much to my astonishment it turned into MUCH much more than that.
I have met so many amazing people through this challenge and I have the most amazing fans/readers. You guys make this so much more worth it.

We are so close to the end. 10 babies away. I cannot wait for you all to see how it plays out. I think you will be quite surprised.

On another note, I struggled for a bit to decide what to do to celebrate my one year. I had a few ideas but the one I thought fit the occasion the most was a sneak peek at Generation One of my legacy. 

So I chose to show you all an excerpt type thing from the minds of each of Aria's kids that make up Gen One of the legacy. 
Just a look into their main storylines. 

I cannot wait for you all to see them in the actual legacy. And I hope these hints and previews suffice for a celebratory event, Haha.

But, before that, one more MASSIVE thank you to every single one of you. Every person who reads this, you light up my days and make writing so much more fulfilling. 

I could never thank you enough for sticking by my side.

I love all of you.

Generation One: Hide And Seek

Atticus, Baby 101

Being in love with her was like walking on hot coals. My world seemed to revolve around her existence once she was mine. 

I guess in a way I was kind of like my dad. I put the girl I loved before everything. Maybe even dangerously so at times. Sure, I wasn't the best at not hurting her. I wasn't really good at not hurting anyone. But I tried my hardest to avoid it. To be the good one out of this family of crazies.. But I didn't always succeed.

Growing up with her, right next to her, our moms being best friends, it felt oddly familiar. 

Maybe I was crazy. Maybe trying to repeat my mothers past mistakes would do nothing but hurt everyone involved. 

But I really didn't care. Love conquers everything, right?

Eden, Baby 102, Generation One Heir.

I'm that girl everyone stares at. You know her. Bad news, trouble. 

The one whose family is the poorest of all of the rich kids. Maybe I had a nice house and we lived in this stupid gated community, but it was a well known fact that our family wasn't like everyone elses. 

I was the poor kid of the wealthy. Tends to make one bitter.

I honestly couldn't give a flying fuck what any of those stuck up assholes thought of me.

That's what I portrayed, anyway. But I secretly held animosity towards my parents for putting us in this situation. 

Why not just move somewhere that it didn't matter?

Noooo, let's move to the middle of Bridgeport among the douchebags and their mini mansions.

I guess it DOESN'T matter now. It's too late. 

But I'll make a name for myself. One way or another. 

Everyone will know who I am.

I will turn this town upside down if I have to.

And that supposed happy ever after my parents have? It's all just bullshit if you ask me. Who goes through all of that and stays together?

Fuck love. Fuck settling for something and setting myself up for being hurt. 

It will never be worth it to me.

I'll never be that girl anyway. 

Love is for fairy tales.

Lyric, Baby 103

I have this secret. I hold onto it so tightly it starts to hurt after a while. Most of the time I can push it into the back of my head and pretend it doesn't exist. But it still sits there, festering away like an infected cut.

I live in fear that my family is going to find out one day. That they will know I am the fuck up. The outcast.

I just want to be normal like the rest of them. 

I wish I could change who I am. Change how I feel.

Be who my parents expect me to be. Who my brothers and my sister know me as.

But I can't.

So I hold onto my secret and I say nothing. The quiet one. The sweet one.

Little baby Lyric. 

If only they knew.

Baby 104, Cassius.

My family are a bunch of losers. I really don't know how I managed to be born into this. The fact that I have to actually be related to a bunch of sorry emotional fucks makes me sick. 

I am the only one in this entire thing that is worth anything. I play football, I make straight A's. I get every girl who comes anywhere near me. Not that I give a damn about any of them. But hey, it's all in good fun right? 

That's what life is about. Having fun and not giving a shit about how anyone else feels. Cause none of them matter. Not to me anyway.

If I want it, it's mine. I'll make DAMN sure of it.

Especially if Atticus wants it.

I live by my own rules. Fuck everyone else.


Well. Hi guys.

Where you are now in my story is so close to where I am talking to you from. 

This is coming from the me that is done with this. 

Maybe I am through, but you still haven't seen what is to come.. And I feel the need to say something from the other side.

I never saw myself completing this. I never saw myself being a challenge mother when I started my life on my own to begin with.. I think I was so incredibly lost in my life when I made this decision. 

Most challenge mothers, they love what they do. 

I did not.

I will be the first to say that I feel like I made a terrible decision. 

I don't regret my babies. I love every single one of them. I am very blessed. I just wish maybe I could have done something else. Something that didn't end up tearing my life into shreds.

Now though.. Now it's over. And I am happy. I went through a lot. I put the people I love through more than they should have ever had to deal with.

But I got my happy ending. I finished this challenge and I got what I had always wanted. 

Someone who loves me.

One last thing.. Before I close this; 

If you ever feel like it's over.. Like you can't take it anymore. Like you have nothing left and no one cares.. Please, remember that it gets better. 

There is always another day.

No matter how much you want to let go, it won't be worth it.

There's just something so beautiful about picking up the pieces, taking a deep breath, and moving on.

Life is beautiful.

YOU are beautiful.

And in case someone hasn't told you today, you are good enough. 



  1. Very exciting. Can't wait for what is to come! :)

    1. Aww, thank you! I can't wait to show you!!